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20th February 2006

The concerns of the international community about the nuclear programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the response by the Iranian regime to these concerns, have resulted in a tense and dangerous situation detrimental to stability and peace in the Middle East and far beyond.

We as concerned Iranians of diverse political outlooks and tendencies wish to express our common position on this vital international issue and plead for international understanding and backing of these positions.

1. We firmly believe in the inalienable right of the Iranian people to acquire and exploit nuclear technology and know-how for peaceful purposes.

2. We regard proliferation of nuclear weapons as a major threat to world peace, and support the international Non-Proliferation Treaty and other peaceful international initiatives for controlling the spread of nuclear weapons.

3. We regard nuclear weapons as weapons of mass destruction whose use are morally deplorable and legally indefensible, and support all international efforts towards nuclear disarmament and the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

4. We condemn the clandestine nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past, and call for and support full transparency of Iran’s nuclear programs.

5. We are suspicious of the true aims of the Iranian regime in its nuclear program, and share the concerns of the international community in this regard. We are of the opinion that in the absence of a democratic system in Iran, and with the stated aims and intentions of the Islamic Republic, it is incapable of securing the trust of the international community in its nuclear program.

6. We are of the opinion that a halt in the enrichment program in Iran would not harm Iran’s capability in nuclear industry. Iran has a great pool of expertise and know-how in nuclear industry both inside and outside the country, and in a democratic Iran these could be called upon to work on a transparent nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

7. In these circumstances and in order to alleviate international concerns about Iran’s nuclear program, we support the call by the international community for a complete halt to the enrichment program in Iran in exchange for the supply of all necessary materials and technology for Iran’s nuclear power program.

8. We strongly oppose any military intervention in Iran and regard such action as detrimental to democracy in Iran and peace and security in the region, and plead with the world community to channel all its resources through the democratic Iranian opposition for change in Iran rather than act through military means.

9. We firmly believe that democratic change in Iran is the best guarantee for solving the international impasse over Iran’s nuclear program. We call on the international community to support the Iranian people’s campaign for democracy and human rights as a means to solve the nuclear program issue.

Rasul Abbasi, Political Activist

Shahla Abghari, Universtity Professor, USA

Siavash Abghari, Universtity Professor, USA

Ebrahim Ahanian, Political Activist, Sweden

Shahriar Ahi, Political Activist, USA

Feridoon Ahmadi, Political Activist, Germany

Hossein Alavi, Journalist, Germany

Ali Amini

Mohammad Amini, Writer and Political Activist, USA

Amir Amiri

Morteza Anvari, Political Analyst, USA

Mahin Arjomand, Political and Human Rights Activist

Houshang Aryanpour, Political Activist

Nasser Ashdjari, Niru Machine Company, Iran

Mirza Agha Asgari (Mani), Poet/Author, Germany

Aliakbar Azad, UK

Behroz Azad, Iran

Shayan Azad, Germany

Victoria Azad, Political Activist, Sweden

Shahriar Azadegan, Political Activist, Germany

Farzaneh Azimi, Student Political Activist, Austria

Fariborz Baghai Gzencologist, Germany

Hossein Bagher Zadeh, Writer and Human Rights Defender, UK

Danesh Bagherpour

Mohammad Barzanjah, Political Activist

Niloofar Beyzaie, Writer and Theatrical Director, Germany

Hamidreza Bourhani, Political Activist, Belgium

Reza Charand abi, Political Activist, Germany

Bina Darab Zand , Political Prisoner, Iran

Hassan Darvishpour, Political Activist, Germany

Mehrdad Darvishpour, Sociology Professor, Sweden

Samad Dedjban, Political Activist, Germany

Abdul-Sattar Doshoki, Political Activist, UK

Eghbam Eghbali, Germany

Seyf Ehdaie, University Professor, USA

Ali Etemadi, Political Analyst, Sweden

Hassan Etemadi, Political Activist

Farnaz Fari, Germany

Shahla Farid, Germany

Said Farzaneh, Political Activist, UK

Kourosh Farzin, Nuclear Physicist, Germany

Ali M. S. Fatemi, Professor Of Economics, France

Massoud Fathi, Political Activist

Aria Ghajar, Political Activist, Germany

Mohamadreza Ghanbari, Political Activist, Germany

Sam Ghand chi, Writer and Publihser, USA

Reza Goharzad, Journalist, USA

Yonas Hasanpour, Student Activist, Iran

Mehdi Hosseinzade, Student Political Activist, USA

Azadeh Irani, Writer and Human Rights, Activist, Switzerland

Sima Izad, Political Activist, Germany

Khanjan Jabalameli, Political Activist, Sweden

Alireza Jabbari, Writer and Translator

Behroz Javid Tehrani, Political Prisoner, Iran

Jahanshah Javid, Publisher, USA

Behzad Karimi, Political Activist

Bijan Karimi, University Professor, USA

Ebrahim Karimi, UK

Mohammad Karimi, Political Activist, Germany

Massoud Karimnia, Ecologist and Explorer, Germany

Samsum Kashfi, Poet, USA

Mehdi Khanbaba Tehrani, Political Activist, Germany

Mehdi Kharrazi, Political Activist, Austria

Hossein Khatibzadeh, Germany

Esmail Khoi, Writer and Poet, UK

Ali Khorramshahi, Digitalogic, Inc. USA

Hassan Kianzad, Political Activist

Kioumars Navidi, Political Activist, Germany

Mohsen Kordi, Journalist and Political Activist, Sweden

Darioush Madjlessi, Political Activist, Germany, Holland

Manochehr Maghssudnia, Political Activist, Germany

Asgar Mardani, Germany

Mehrdad Mashayekhi, Georgetown University Professor, USA

Nasser Maslehati, Germany

Hassan Massali, Political Activist, USA

Monir Mazlumi, Germany

Bijan Mehr, Political Activist, USA

Mehran Mirfakhrai, Political Activist

Ramin Moallem, Germany

Golmorad Moradi, Author and Researcher, Germany

Hodjat Narendji, Political Activist, Sweden

Kioumars Navidi, Political Activist, Germany

Arsen Nazarian

Najmeh Omidparvar, Weblogger

Iradj Oraji, Political Activist, Sweden

Babak Parham, Electrician, USA

Ramin Parham, Political Activist

Touradj Parsi, Sweden

Mohsen Partovi, Political Activist, Iran

Pejman Piran

Asal Pirzad, Political Activist, USA

Bijan Pirzad, Political Activist, USA

Mahmoud Rafi, Human Rights Defender, Germany

Kazem Ranjbar, Social Scientist, France

Mohammad Reza Nasab Abdollahi, Journalist and Political Activist, Iran

Kambiz Roosta, Political Activist, Germany

Fred Saberi, Political Activist, Sweden

Zia Sadr-Ol-Asharfi, Historian, France

Saeed Saee, Political Activist, Germany

Borsu Schekuhmand , Political Activist, Germany

Ali Seddighi, Writer and Jounalist, Norway

Rouhi Shafii, Author and Social Scientist

Gohar Shemirani

Abbas Shirazi, Economist, Germany

Habib Tabrizian, Political Activist, Sweden

Masoud Tabrizian, Political Activist, Sweden

Jamashid Taheripour, Political Activist, Germany

Keianosh Tavakkoli, Political Activist, Denmark

Mahmoud Tehrani, Political Activist

Mori Toosi, University Professor, USA

Jahan Valianpour

Mehdi Vaziri, Germany

Shahrokh Vaziri, Political Activist, Switzerland

Fareidoun Walipour, Political Activist, Germany

Mehdi Yousefi, USA

Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir, Human Rights and Political Activist

Akbar Zargar

Hamidreza Zarifnia, Student Political Activist, UK

Fathieh Zarkesh Yazdi, Peace Campaigner, UK

Hassan Zerehi, Writer and Publisher of Shahrvand, Canada




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