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« Much of our attention will be devoted to what I have chosen to call the infrapolitics of subordinate groups. By this I mean to designate a wide variety of low profile forms of resistance that dare not speak in their own name. (…) The term infrapolitics (…) seems an appropriate shorthand to convey the idea that we are dealing with an unobtrusive realm of political struggle. (…) That it should be invisible (…) is in large part by design- a tactical choice born of a prudent awareness of the balance of power. (…) The term infrapolitics is, I think, appropriate in still another way. When we speak of the the infrastructure for commerce we have in mind the facilities that make such commerce possible: for example, transport, banking, currency, property and contract law. In the same fashion, I mean to suggest that the infrapolitics (…) provides much of the cultural and structural underpinning of the more visible political action on which our attention ahs generally been focused. »
James Scott, Domination and the Arts of Resistance, Hidden Transcripts, New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 1990.


>> Dr. Shahrokh Vaziri : Iran or not ? Une transition à l'Iranienne (texte.français) (pdf.français).







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